METR4810 Logistics Tycoon

Contactless Facemask Dispenser


I. Logistics Tycoon

Cranes, Trains and Supply Chains

2. Principles of Mechatronic Systems Design

Striking a balance is making everybody equally unhappy. Mechatronics design requires trading off multiple competing system parameters whilst meeting the overall performance objective.

3. Problem Deconstruction

The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

4. Professional Communication

Core skills that professional engineers should have in communicating their work: report writing, analytical processes, presentations and more. All the things that you should probably know by now, but many people seem not to.

5. Intro to Practical PCB Design

I'm working on the greatest PCB design lecture in the world. This is not that lecture; this is just a tribute.

6. Your Soldering is Terrible (Probably)

In class demo of basic and advanced soldering techniques. You really have to be there to get the full-effect!